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Corporate Sales Team Coaching
Your company gets a comprehensive, structured curriculum with individualized one-to-one coaching for the sales leadership team and every person who sells complex technical products, services, and solutions. 
Individualized Career Coaching
You acquire invaluable insights and effective skills, tools, and guidance uniquely created for seasoned professionals who want to transition to a new job, a new career, or retire on their own terms. 

Who We Work With

Corporate Sales Team Coaching
Companies providing complex technical solutions to other organizations with 5 to 100 full-time sales people that are ready to commit to a 3-12-month transformational coaching program for their sales and sales leadership teams will see immediate and sustainable improvements to their revenue and income. 

Individual Sales Coaching
Experienced B2B sales professionals selling complex technical solutions who are eager to take their sales and income to the next level or who are starting new sales positions and want to ramp up quickly as well as business owners who want to grow their business revenue and their personal incomes thrive in our one-to-one sales coaching experience.

Individualized Career Coaching
If you’re a mid- to late-career professional with 15 or more years of experience in your field and need to figure out what’s next in your career (even if the next step is retirement), then Your Call to Action can help you transition successfully.

Are you leading a sales organization that provides complex technical solutions to companies and you’re frustrated with stagnant sales results?

Are you not seeing the level of sales results you know your team has the potential to achieve? 

Do you want to re-energize your sales team by empowering them with lasting advanced selling skills, insights and tools so they – and your organization -- can achieve a greater level of success?

Individual Sales Coaching
You get one-to-one coaching with a veteran sales executive using a proven, comprehensive, and structured curriculum based on the real world situations you face that delivers dramatic increases in your sales and income.

Up Your Game and Reach Your Goals with 1-to-1 Coaching Proven to Deliver Big Results.

Are you ready to take your sales career to the next level with your current company or an entirely different organization? 

Are you ready to transition from a successful career in sales or another field to the next big thing in your life?

Are you thinking about retiring and not quite sure what it will look like?

Why Choose Your Call To Action

Your Call to Action is unlike any other corporate and individual sales and career transition coaching provider.

When you work with Your Call to Action,
you’ll get:
• Instant access to a proven coaching methodology and curriculum
• One-to-one weekly coaching sessions directly with 30-year complex technical sales expert and career transition coach, Audie Fridstein.
• Sales plans, organizational tools, training, mentoring, and coaching that guide sales leadership and their teams to achieve and exceed annual sales and income goals.
• A step-by-step job and career search campaign for highly experienced individuals looking for a new job, a different career, or a fulfilling retirement.
• An accountability partner to ensure you hit your targets and stay on track to achieve your goals.

Contact Your Call to Action today to learn how to move yourself from awareness to action and accelerated results with one-to-one coaching that works.

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.”​

Bob Nardelli, Former CEO of The Home Depot and Chrysler