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Meet Your Coach/Mentor

Audie Fridstein

Prior to launching Your Call To Action, LLC in 2015, Audie spent over 30 years in technology sales and sales leadership roles collaborating with all levels of individuals within an organization from the C-Suite down at Fortune 1000 companies, utilizing a consultative and value-based approach to addressing her corporate clients’ needs.  In addition to achieving sales success throughout her career, she was often viewed as a leader and ‘trusted advisor’ to peers and clients alike.

Due to the evolving nature of the technology industry over the past several decades, it was common to change companies due to mergers/acquisitions, new leadership coming in and bringing their own team, or as a way to advance one's career.  Audie became very proficient - and successful - in landing multiple solid offers, and was frequently complimented on how she stood out (in a good way!) from other candidates throughout the interview process. 

Audie leverages her extensive business acumen, professional coaching training and her consultative and value-based approach to sales when working with clients and delivering her proven methodology for successfully landing a new position (after all, one needs to sell oneself, right?).

Proven Methodology

Her proven, results-oriented methodology, The Job Search Runway, includes:

  • Gaining clarity into 'what's next' 
  • Strengthening your resume and LinkedIn profile to ensure you get noticed
  • Planning and executing effective job search strategies geared to mid- to senior-level corporate leaders
  • Nailing your messaging (written and verbal communications) so you stand out in a crowded field
  • Leveraging the strengths and power of LinkedIn
  • Powerful interviewing preparation and strategies
  • Handling and negotiating offers
  • And much more

Partnering With You Every Step Of The Way

Aside from her natural ability to quickly build a “know, like and trust” factor, Audie has mastered the art of leading, mentoring, coaching, listening, and collaborating … skills she brings to helping her job search/career transition clients achieve what’s next in their career.

Audie is intuitive, nurturing, and compassionate yet firm – all the qualities you should want in a coach.  She is your accountability partner with a focus on helping you get real resultsand you’ll also have fun along the way.

I Can Relate to What You’re Going Through

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Looking for a new position is incredibly hard. I know this first-hand.

As a business executive, you’ve honed your leadership, professional and soft skills, yet looking for a new position (whether or not by choice) is not something you think much about. 

When you cross this threshold, you may realize you don’t know the most effective strategies to finding your next role, aren’t sure how best to update and strengthen your resume and LinkedIn profile, need brushing up on your interviewing skills, strategies and honing your messaging (it’s much different than conducting an interview), or how to negotiate the most lucrative offer possible.

While many of my clients knew they wanted to partner with an Executive Job Search/Career Transition Coach from the start, some people partner with me to help guide and support them in their job search journey after they’ve spent months struggling with their search and are frustrated and feeling defeated.

Back up over three decades ago, and I felt the same way.  At that time, there weren’t any coaches to lean on, so I failed forward numerous times until I finally found the right combination of strategies, approaches, messaging and a healthy mindset that helped me land multiple solid offers each time I decided to advance in my career and look for a new position. 

It wasn’t too long before colleagues would ask me what I did to secure these offers, and after mentoring them, they, too, started achieving similar results.

Fast forward to 2015 when I decided to re-engineer my career.  I wanted to leverage my extensive background and experience, continue working with mid- to senior-level executives, and be in a position to help guide and support them in their careers.  I trained for and became an ICF Certified Coach and launched my coaching business.

I later secured my Certified Executive Coach credentials to ensure I have the latest insights, approaches and resources to further support my clients with Executive/Leadership coaching after they land.

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Why I Do What I Do

I am passionate about making a positive difference in people’s lives.  Watching my client's transformation through their job search journey, and helping them land a new job or career that re-energizes them and makes them feel valued again is so fulfilling and rewarding. 

Conducting an active job search can be an enjoyable process – without frustration, overwhelm or struggle. 

All you need is a combination of the right mindset, methodology, strategies and messaging, and having the support from a highly experienced, compassionate and encouraging Executive Job Search/Career Transition Coach who has your back and is guiding you through every step in the process. 

I look forward to working with and celebrating you when you land!


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Fun Facts About Me

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I am powered by coffee!  People who know me could swear that the cup of coffee I’m often holding is part of my hand!  And if drinking coffee isn't enough, you'll often find me enjoying Tiramisu.

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I have a great sense of humor and am often surprised by some of the funny things that come out of my mouth!  I’m so grateful to have this innate quality as it’s helped me get through some challenging times in my life.

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Being a caring and compassionate person is part of my DNA, and I value being a great listener, friend and confidant. I'm most proud of being a foster parent and providing a loving and safe home to a child in need. 



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