Be Unforgettable: The Power of Personal Branding in Job Search & Career Advancement

May 02, 2023

"Building a brand means knowing your story and building and sharing your story."

~ Tamara McCleary

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This month's newsletter addresses the ONE overlooked skill most mid- to senior-level corporate leaders/executives underestimate with regards to career advancement and/or job search success. What do you think this is?

If you guessed the ability to effectively communicate your brand, your uniqueness and the value you bring to the organization and the role, you're correct. Read the following feature article to learn why this is so incredibly important to your career success and how to go about creating or strengthening your brand.

Be Unforgettable: The Power of Personal Branding in Job Search and Career Advancement

Do you ever wonder why you never heard back from a company with whom you had an initial interview (or after speaking with the hiring manager) ... even when you were sure the job description had your name written all over it.

Or you receive a call from a headhunter out of the blue, you chat and the call seemed to go well ... only to never hear from them again?

Or you're up for a promotion at your company, there are others vying for the role, as well ... you're sure you'll be chosen, only to find out you were passed over and they selected someone else?

In these situations, the combination of what you said, how you said it and how you presented yourself is critical. Personal branding and messaging are skills that are often overlooked, especially my mid- to senior-level executives. The ability to articulate your value effectively to a company can make the difference between being seen as a commodity or as a valuable asset.

Creating and strengthening personal branding and messaging requires working with an executive job search coach who can help you identify and articulate your unique qualities and the value you bring to a company. Through a series of exercises and coaching, you can develop the skills needed to communicate confidently, in writing or verbally, during interviews and networking conversations, while negotiating offers or even during unexpected calls from headhunters.

It's not uncommon for many corporate professionals to be caught off guard by unexpected calls from headhunters or be unprepared to answer common interview questions effectively. Improving your branding and messaging is a critical strep, whether you're actively looking for a new position or not.

Take action now and invest in your career by improving your personal branding and messaging. Your livelihood and and career depend upon it.

"Personal branding is not about you. It's about putting your stamp on the value you deliver to others." ~ William Arruda


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The program is modeled after my wildly successful and proven framework, The Job Search Runway™, which I've used in helping hundreds of corporate leaders and executives land significant offers through my 1:1 coaching programs.

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  • You are actively looking for your next opportunity and are struggling to secure interviews, offers, or uncover new opportunities.
  • You've decided to start looking for a new opportunity and want to skip the "trial and error" stage and get expert guidance and support from Day 1.
  • You are at the mid- to senior-level and looking to advance in your career or secure a position at another company that's a better fit.
  • You can commit a minimum of 5 hours per week to participate in the program and apply what you're learning to your job search.
  • You're coachable and open to learning new concepts and strategies.
  • You're friendly and collaborative.

We're starting on May 16th. Any interest in learning more or joining us? (If you've already let me know of your interest or are on our waitlist, there's no need to respond again.😉)

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