Rising Above The Layoffs: How to Land Your Dream Job in a Competitive Market

Apr 03, 2023

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I'm often asked how the massive company layoffs we're hearing about (which is impacting tens of thousands highly experienced and talented mid- to senior-level corporate leaders) will impact one's job search and what they can do to stand out and be successful in their search. If you're currently looking for a new opportunity -- or considering making a change -- I encourage you to read my feature article below.

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Rising Above The Layoffs: How to Land Your Dream Job in a Competitive Market

In recent years, we've witnessed many large companies announcing significant layoffs, leaving many employees uncertain about their job security. While these layoffs can have a significant impact on those directly affected, they can also have ripple effects on the broader job market and one's job search efforts.

Widely Accepted Beliefs of the Impact of Massive Company Layoffs on the Job Market

Massive company layoffs can have a significant impact on the job market, including:

  • Increased competition for available positions: With large number of talented individuals suddenly entering the job market, competition for available positions can become much more intense. This can make it harder for job seekers to secure a position that matches their skills and experience.
  • A shift in industry demand: large-scale layoffs can also lead to a shift in industry demand, as effected employees may look for jobs in industries that are not experiencing significant layoffs. This can create an oversupply of labor in some industries and increase demand in others.
  • A decrease in salary and benefits: The influx of new job seekers can drive down salaries and reduce job benefits, as companies may see an opportunity to hire new employees at a lower cost than their previous hires.

That being said, keep in mind what we're experiencing now is nothing new. There have been a number of times over the past 15 years alone where large-scale layoffs have occurred (2008 financial crisis, Covid, to name a few). In between, there has been a steady stream of layoffs across all industries as a result of mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring, new executive leadership replacing existing teams, etc.

For the general job seeking public (entry-level up through first line managers) the vast majority of positions are filled by applying to job boards, and the above bullet points holds true.

For the market I serve (mid- to senior-level corporate leaders/executives across all industries and all functional areas), one needs to be proactive, intentional and strategic in their approach to finding their next opportunity. At the mid- to senior-level, it's ALWAYS been competitive (and always will), so it's critically important to be ON TOP OF YOUR GAME every step of they way.

Tips for Success in A Competitive Job Market

Despite the challenges of a competitive job market, there are steps you can take to improve your chances of finding your dream job opportunity.

If you've been following me and reading my newsletters, my approach to successfully securing your next opportunity include strategies that are the antithesis of widely accepted approaches for the typical job seeker.

Since early in my career, I geared my job search efforts similar to how I approached my B2B corporate sales roles: I took a proactive, strategic and intentional approach when seeking my next opportunity. This led to my receiving multiple impressive offers that were a great fit for me. Prior to and since launching my coaching business in 2015, using the same approach, I've helped hundreds of corporate leaders get similar results.

So, what are some tips for success to improve your chances of securing your dream role in a crowded market?

  • Refine your job search: instead of casting a wide net or applying to any position that sound good, I recommend you first gain clarity on the key characteristics of the opportunity you'd love to secure (i.e. the role and responsibilities, type of company, company culture, values and work environment, etc.) and seek out opportunities (or have positions created for you), that seem to align with that criteria. As you go through the interview process with companies, you not only are able to effectively express why you're the right person for the role, but you can gather the necessary information you need to see just how good of a match THEY are to YOU.
  • Create consistent and cohesive marketing materials and messaging: your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letters, outreach emails or direct messages, networking conversations and interviews should all be clear, concise, compelling and geared toward your skills, experience and value you bring to the position and company.
  • Leverage your network: tap into your professional network to gain insights into companies, introductions to key executives, hear about opportunities, and to seek their advice. Don't forget to attend industry events, join professional organizations (and participate in their meetings), and connect with people on LinkedIn to expand your network and create new opportunities.
  • Stay positive and focused: executing a job search campaign can be stressful and frustrating, but it's important to stay positive and focused on your goals. Set achievable milestones for yourself and celebrate each small win along the way.
  • Consider working with a highly experienced executive job search coach: an experienced executive job search coach can provide expert coaching, guidance and support throughout your job search journey. Aside from providing a cohesive, comprehensive and proven job search framework, they can help you with proven and effective job search strategies geared to the corporate executive, collaborate with you in creating a strong resume and LinkedIn profile, help sharpen your written and verbal communications, hone your interviewing skills (i.e. provide effective interview strategies, mindset shifts, ways to communicate your value, how to answer interview questions from a position of strength, conduct practice interviews), help you negotiate offers, and provide key strategies for successfully onboarding in your new role. Most importantly, they are there to answer any questions you have or advice you need, strategize with you, provide honest feedback and ways to improve, and be an accountability partner and cheerleader for you.

"Don't be afraid of being different. Be afraid of being like everyone else." ~ Anonymous

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