Demolishing Common Job Search Misconceptions, Especially During the Coronavirus

Sep 01, 2020

"You can make excuses or you can make progress. You choose.”
— Brian Tracy

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Does it seem like August just flew by? I felt the same way about July, but I think August takes the cake!

Making a job/career change while working or seeking one after being downsized can be very empowering, yet it’s not for the faint of heart. Neither is staying in a position that no longer is gratifying, challenging and enjoyable … or you’re worried that the next wave of downsizing is going to impact you … or you’re working for a toxic boss or in a dysfunctional environment. 

The good news is the vast majority of the professionals I’ve coached (and speaking from personal experience) have ultimately found a similar or better position at another company that’s an even better fit than where they left (or were thinking of leaving). Even during the Coronavirus.

This month’s newsletter addresses and DEMOLISHES common misconceptions I often hear from job seekers. As always, I welcome your feedback as well as suggestions for topics that would be valuable to you in future newsletters.

Please stay safe and healthy … and enjoy your Labor Day holiday weekend.

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Demolishing Common Job Search Misconceptions, Especially During the Coronavirus

Having coached hundreds of mid- to senior-level executives through their job search/career transition, I hear a lot of common misconceptions that may feel like a consolation to my clients but, in reality, these are actually crushing their confidence, hampering their search, and often are excuses for not embracing effective strategies that will help them secure meaningful conversations and interviews and land their next role.

Here are some of the more common misconceptions I hear and my tips to silence and DEMOLISH them:

“No one is hiring during the Coronavirus.”

While things slowed down dramatically in March and April, hiring did and continues to take place. While certain industries have been hit harder and landing a new position will no doubt take longer than usual, I have seen a steady flow of clients landing amazing new positions (and some received multiple offers).

My advice to job seekers both prior to and since the beginning of the Coronavirus is this:  stay active and focused on your search, be visible, reach out to your network and continually meet new people, and proactively reach out to companies on your target list. Think of your search as a marathon, not a sprint!

An effective job search campaign is like a garden: you need to plant seeds, water (nurture) them, and they’ll then start blossoming. If you're seeking a new position at another company, regardless of where you’re at in the process, start planting your garden! There’s no time like the present.

“I have no experience in that industry – they won’t hire me.”

Regardless of market conditions, it’s important to remember that companies primarily hire you for 2 main reasons: your fit (for the position/team and at the company) and your skills, experience and accomplishments (the value you bring to the position and company).

If you’re someone who’s open to change and interested in learning a new industry/market, finding a new job in a role you know, love and excel at in a different industry is quite doable. Your background, experience and accomplishments are transferable across industries and will be valuable to the hiring company. Plus, you bring a fresh perspective – a huge advantage over an internal candidate or someone in the industry.

“I’m in my late 50s or 60s – no one will hire me. They’re looking for younger [or less expensive] people.”

I hear this frequently! While this may be true with some companies you’re interviewing with, you’ll never know for sure. There’s usually more than one reason why you may not be invited back for another round of interviews (even if you thought you were a perfect fit for the role), so I encourage you to stay positive and keep moving forward towards your goal.

For those of you in your mid-50s and older, I speak from experience when I say that companies are hiring you – and, yes, even during the Coronavirus – because you have the proven expertise, knowledge and well-honed leadership skills and experience they need. Consider looking at companies that are 1-2 tiers smaller or in tangential industries than where you've been.  These companies often are hungry for your talent and expertise to round out their leadership team and in-house expertise.

If you’re at all concerned about your age impacting your being hired, if true (be honest with yourself), during the interview process speak about you're being adaptable and flexible, a lifelong learner, you enjoy collaborating with and learning from your peers/members of your team just as much as you enjoy mentoring others, etc.

“I’m at a disadvantage since I’m not working now. Companies won’t hire me.”

This is SO not true! As I previously stated, companies are looking for the right person for the position who will also be a great fit at their company. As a coach, I have witnessed hundreds of executives who have been downsized or were in between jobs, successfully land a new position – the fact that they were not currently working didn’t matter.

Regardless of whether or not you're in between jobs, be proud of your background, experience, accomplishments and all that you bring to a company.  Your value is still your value, so please hold your head high and be proud of who you are and what you have to offer your next employer.

If you’ve been downsized, it’s important that you have a short, concise and upbeat response when asked why you left (or are leaving) your last company … something I work on with my clients (along with other messaging and branding).

Summary/Action item: as you hear yourself say/think any of these misconceptions, gently tell yourself “I hear the words, but I’m not listening to them. Instead, I’m choosing to stay positive and continue to focus on productive activities that will advance my job search to landing a great new position." 

I wish you all the best!

If you're looking to make a job/career change, it’s important to have a clear picture of what you’re looking to do next, the company environment and culture you thrive in, the type of manager you work best under, etc. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?

Here’s a great resource “Your Critical FIRST STEP to Landing a New Job/Career that Re-energizes You” to help you gain clarity, so you’re focused on the right opportunities to pursue, you ask the right questions throughout the interview process and can then determine if offers that come in are the right fit for you … giving you the ability to make a well-informed decision.  

If you are a mid- to senior-level executive and motivated to find your next opportunity (or know someone who is), I'd love to speak with you to better understand your situation, what you're looking to do, and see how I can be of help.

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Prior to launching Your Call To Action in 2015, Audie spent over 30 years in technology sales and sales leadership roles working with C-Level and other key stakeholders at Fortune 1000 companies utilizing a consultative and value-based approach to addressing her clients' needs.

Due to the evolving nature of the technology industry, it was common to change companies due to M&A, new leadership coming in and bringing their own team, corporate restructurings, or as a way to advance one's career. Audie became very proficient — and successful — in landing multiple offers each time, and was frequently complimented on how she stood out (in a good way!) from other candidates throughout the interview process.

She leverages her business acumen, consultative and value-based approach to sales, and professional coach training (ICF Certified) in working with clients and delivering her proven methodology, strategies and tips for successfully landing a new position (after all, one needs to sell oneself, right?).

Audie is intuitive, nurturing, and compassionate yet firm—all of the qualities you should want in a coach. She is your accountability partner with a focus on helping you get real results ... and you’ll also have fun along the way!

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