3 Key Areas Consistency Plays in Your Job Search

May 26, 2020

“A little progress each day adds up to big results.” —Anonymous

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In this month’s newsletter, I’ll be addressing the importance consistency plays in your job search. The quote above states, “A little progress each day adds up to big results.”  While this could apply to dieting, exercise, training for a sport, project management, sales and many other aspects of our work and life, it’s especially true when you’re conducting an active job search campaign.

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3 Key Areas Consistency Plays in Your Job Search 

I often speak of the similarities between conducting an active job search and sports – which, by the way, is quite funny as I am not a sports enthusiast! Whether I’m suggesting a client think about their job search as a marathon vs. a sprint or …

… I’m expressing the value a job search/career transition coach offers a client is very similar to the value an athletic coach offers athletes as both help clients up-level their skills and abilities, keep them on track and/or accelerate their achieving/surpassing their goals, are their partner in providing proven strategies, tips, insights, practice, inspiration as well as course correcting and helping them through the ebbs and flows along the way.

Another key similarity is the importance of consistency: their client’s focus and the productive actions they apply on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Consistency in executing a variety of strategic, productive, repeatable activities (including evaluating and course correcting as needed) which enables many job seekers to reach their goals sooner than later.

Here are 3 key areas consistency plays in your job search:

Consistent Mind

Why are you seeking a new position? Is it because you’re feeling unsettled, undervalued or bored at work or you’re working in a toxic company environment or for a difficult boss? Is it because your company restructured and many leadership positions were eliminated, including yours? Is it because your company needs to eliminate positions as a casualty of COVID-19?

Whatever your reason, it’s important to look at your situation as a blessing in disguise as it’s giving you a chance to re-evaluate and gain clarity into what’s important in your job/career at this point in time, and then conducting an active job search and landing a fabulous position that’s a great fit for you.

Many of you may experience grief, sadness or anger depending upon why you’re seeking a new role. It’s a normal response, but the sooner you can move through this and begin focusing on what’s next, the better off you’ll be.

Here are some tips and insights that will help you maintain a positive attitude throughout your search:

  • Be curious and keep an open mind as you pursue opportunities and interview at companies.

  • “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be excellent.” — keep this in mind throughout the process, but particularly as you begin your search, start having initial interviews and networking conversations. Aside from the fact that we are humans and no one is perfect, we often are our own worst enemies, so cut yourself some slack!

  • “It’s not win or lose; it’s win or learn.” — it’s a given that during your job search you will get “Dear John” letters indicating you won’t be moving forward in the interview process for a particular position. While it stings and is often frustrating, try not to take it personally. Often times there's nothing you did 'wrong', they just felt there were other candidates who were a better fit for what they're looking for or other candidate(s) were a known entity. However, I encourage you to use these situations to do a debrief on what you might have said or done differently, take it to heart, and move forward promising yourself you’ll incorporate these learnings in future interviews.

  • There are natural highs and lows of a job search, but try to keep your emotions in check, especially just prior to and during conversations with your network, recruiters, interviewers, etc. Give yourself a pep talk or listen to upbeat music 5 minutes before your call or on your way to the in-person meeting (hoping this will be a regular occurrence soon). It makes a huge difference in the tone of your voice and energy level!

  • Think about how you sound when you answer the phone. Do you sound bored, frustrated or angry? Talk about first impressions! Be sure you have a friendly and upbeat way of answering the phone!

Consistent Effort

Many professionals who have been downsized have shared with me they feel like a fish out of water, they are having trouble being productive and focused, and they find they often are inconsistent with their search efforts — a complete 180 from their typical work life.

If you’re experiencing this — or having trouble maintaining a consistent effort in your search after weeks of looking for a new position — here are some suggestions for you:

  • Think about your “why”? Aside from having a clear picture of your ‘ideal position’, what is your WHY? Is it to provide for your family? Maintain a certain lifestyle? Enable you to travel the globe and experience different cities, cultures, etc.? Whatever it is, zero in on your Why and have that be your motivation!

  • If you’ve been downsized, your full-time job is finding a new position; however, it doesn’t need to be 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Carve out 5-6 hours a day (or whatever number you feel is appropriate based on your situation), leaving yourself plenty of time to enjoy the break, re-energize, spend time with family, take up a new hobby or enjoy existing one(s), etc.

  • Create a detailed job search plan that includes a variety of activities and strategies on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Don’t forget to include the frequency and time commitment of each activity, along with a weekly goal for each. Then, using an online or paper calendar, block out time each week for each ‘category’ using color coding (and building in flex time each day). Finally, at the end of each week, evaluate your week’s activities vs. your plan and course correct for next week, as needed. Do this week in and week out and this will keep you focused, productive and moving forward in your search.

Stay aware of your job search activities and how you’re spending your time, and be sure you’re being productive … and not confusing it with being busy.

Consistent Preparation

Preparation is key to your success! Take the time at the beginning of and throughout your job search to be well-prepared:

  • Preparing before interviews, networking conversations & meetings, and before negotiating an offer.

  • Anticipating questions you might be asked and how to respond, coming up with a list of compelling questions to ask a networking contact, interviewer, headhunter, etc.

  • Regularly reviewing and practicing responses to common interview questions so you don’t get rusty. You never know who may call you this afternoon or tomorrow, so be prepared!

In summary, job search can be a stressful time, but by consistently being aware of the importance of consistency in your mind, effort and preparation throughout your search, you will find this to be a positive and fruitful experience for you. 

If you need help adjusting or maintaining a positive attitude throughout your search, here are a few book recommendations for you:

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne — one of my favorites for adjusting your attitude, mindset and applying the law of attraction.

Begin With Yes by Paul Boynton — in addition to his inspiring book, Begin with Yes also has a large Facebook following where Paul writes wonderful, uplifting posts. I highly recommended following him on Facebook!

The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander/Benjamin Zander — this was required reading for a business mastermind groups I was in, and I found it so refreshing and inspiring.

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