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“Before working with Audie, I was out of work and not sure I was getting the best results on my own. I was engaging in the common web application searches and had attended Career Fairs. I knew searching for a job had changed over the years and new ways were needed in order to stand out. That’s when I decided to work with Audie.

I met with Audie on a weekly basis, and as a result of going through her Career Coaching Program, I was able to break through beyond any other candidates, which directly led to second interviews I know I wouldn’t have had without her guidance. I also learned new skills and techniques that not only helped me land a new position, but will carry over into the workplace. This will make me a better performing employee.

Hiring a coach provides knowledge, guidance, and accountability into a job search process.  Audie provides that help and the reassurance to continue a vigorous search. Working with Audie was a great experience and I found a job!”

- Jim H.
Career Coaching Client

“Before working with Audie, I felt like I was hitting a wall. I was looking at job postings on the internet, even though I was not sure what I wanted or what I was looking at. I wasn’t sure if I was looking at the right positions and wasn’t sure what I even wanted to do. I wasn’t getting anywhere!

Since working with Audie, I have a much clearer vision of what I am looking for! I know what I want out of a company and a position. I loved the worksheets and exercises she had me go through. They provoked a lot of good thoughts and conversations. I was able to really pinpoint what it was that was important to me.

Working with Audie really helped hold me accountable to my search. If anyone is considering coaching, I would 
hands down recommend her. We were able to create a clear game plan for my search that was invaluable. The encouragement Audie gave me was very reassuring that I was headed in the right direction.”

- Elle S.
Career Coaching Client

Who We Work With

Corporate Sales Team Coaching
Companies providing complex technical solutions to other organizations with 5 to 100 full-time sales people that are ready to commit to a 3-12-month transformational coaching program for their sales and sales leadership teams will see immediate and sustainable improvements to their revenue and income. 

Individual Sales Coaching
Experienced B2B sales professionals selling complex technical solutions who are eager to take their sales and income to the next level or who are starting new sales positions and want to ramp up quickly as well as business owners who want to grow their business revenue and their personal incomes thrive in our one-to-one sales coaching experience.

Individualized Career Coaching
If you’re a mid- to late-career professional with 15 or more years of experience in your field and need to figure out what’s next in your career (even if the next step is retirement), then Your Call to Action can help you transition successfully.

Here’s What People are Saying about Us

Praise and Accolades

“Audie is a true professional in every sense of the word. She has a wealth of knowledge, excellent skills, and business acumen. She is also a wonderful team player. Audie is generous with her knowledge and never fails to help out a colleague or any other member of the team. Her organizational skills are exceptional and she is top notch with everything. Her positive attitude is contagious. She is a dream to work with as well as an asset to any organization that values knowledge, a positive attitude, teamwork, sales expertise, account management, and professionalism.”

- Laura Frantzen
Territory Manager at American Hotel Register Company

“Audie is an outstanding sales professional who takes tremendous pride in her performance. Audie is a well-rounded sales professional who can hunt for new business while cultivating existing customer relationships. Audie is always looking for her next deal and knows how to develop and manage a pipeline of business. Audie is a team player who offers great ideas to help her peers and improve overall company performance.”

- Christopher Kudrna
Area Vice President of Sales at Incyte Marketing

“Audie is an experienced sales executive who consistently exceeded her goals and was a willing mentor to new salespeople, including myself. A self-starter and excellent closer, Audie had the respect of everyone at our company.”

- Bruce Gundermann
Senior Account Executive at Layered Tech, Inc.

“Audie is an extraordinary sales professional - creative, collaborative, and very effective. We were very fortunate to recruit her to National Notification Network to find and grow our highest profile client accounts. She quickly navigates through the most ambiguous situations while effectively understanding, communicating, and solving client and employer needs. Audie leads by example in sales results, client satisfaction, and team building. Audie is an invaluable asset to her clients, co-workers, and employers.”

- Casey Sakamoto
Accounting & Financial Solutions

Why Choose Your Call To Action

Your Call to Action is unlike any other corporate and individual sales and career transition coaching provider.

When you work with Your Call to Action,
you’ll get:
• Instant access to a proven sales coaching methodology and curriculum.
• One-to-one weekly coaching sessions directly with 30-year complex technical sales expert and career transition coach, Audie Fridstein.
• Sales plans, organizational tools, training, mentoring, and coaching that guide sales leadership and their teams to achieve and exceed annual sales and income goals.
• A step-by-step job and career search campaign for highly experienced individuals looking for a new job, a different career, or a fulfilling retirement.
• An accountability partner to ensure you hit your targets and stay on track to achieve your goals.

Contact Your Call to Action today to learn how to move yourself from awareness to action and accelerated results with one-to-one coaching that works.​