A Formal Coaching Process that Works

With corporate sales team coaching from Your Call to Action, your sales team will receive one-to-one coaching (not group training) based on a structured coaching curriculum for sales organizations selling complex solutions to other organizations. It’s a proven method of sales coaching that consistently delivers increased revenues to companies whose sales teams participate for a full year.

The Corporate Sales Team Coaching program provides a combination of advanced sales skills, mentoring, and weekly coaching over a minimum period of three months. Your sales professionals will learn how to look at their roles as if they were running their own businesses. They’ll create and execute detailed quarterly sales plans, and they’ll learn and reinforce key competencies that will improve their preparation, organizational and strategic skills so they can achieve or exceed their sales and income goals. ​

Weekly One-to-One Coaching Sessions for Your Sales Professionals

Each week, your sales professionals will meet virtually with their coach who will review the sales person’s progress and discuss action items from the previous week. Together, they’ll discuss and coach to real world scenarios, challenges, and issues that the sales person might be experiencing. 

Next, your sales professional and coach will set the stage for the next competency and discuss action items for the individual to work on during the coming week. All calls and conversations are based on a proven methodology so they’ve been proven to work. 

You’ll start seeing improvement in your team very quickly. Most importantly, you can feel confident that those positive results will continue since your team members are becoming conditioned and turning those skills and learnings into habits through consistent application and weekly conversations with their coach.

Who We Work With

Corporate Sales Team Coaching
Companies providing complex technical solutions to other organizations with 5 to 100 full-time sales people that are ready to commit to a 3-12-month transformational coaching program for their sales and sales leadership teams will see immediate and sustainable improvements to their revenue and income. 

Individual Sales Coaching
Experienced B2B sales professionals selling complex technical solutions who are eager to take their sales and income to the next level or who are starting new sales positions and want to ramp up quickly as well as business owners who want to grow their business revenue and their personal incomes thrive in our one-to-one sales coaching experience.

Individualized Career Coaching
If you’re a mid- to late-career professional with 15 or more years of experience in your field and need to figure out what’s next in your career (even if the next step is retirement), then Your Call to Action can help you transition successfully.
Corporate Sales Team Coaching

Today, the average sales professional receives less than one hour per week of coaching. The Corporate Executive Board found that sales professionals who receive three or more hours of coaching per month consistently outperformed those who received fewer than two hours of coaching a month by 17%. Bottom-line, coaching represents a significant opportunity that companies are missing and their revenues are stagnating as a result.

Researchers from CSO Insights found that companies with a formal coaching process increase win rates by 18%! To achieve similar results, your company needs a formal coaching program for your sales people as well as for your sales managers so they can gain valuable coaching skills to lead their teams effectively.

How do you get more sales opportunities in the pipeline?
How do you convert more of those sales?

Why Choose Your Call To Action

Your Call to Action is unlike any other corporate and individual sales and career transition coaching provider.

When you work with Your Call to Action,
you’ll get:
• Instant access to a proven sales coaching methodology and curriculum.
• One-to-one weekly coaching sessions directly with 30-year complex technical sales expert and career transition coach, Audie Fridstein.
• Sales plans, organizational tools, training, mentoring, and coaching that guide sales leadership and their teams to achieve and exceed annual sales and income goals.
• A step-by-step job and career search campaign for highly experienced individuals looking for a new job, a different career, or a fulfilling retirement.
• An accountability partner to ensure you hit your targets and stay on track to achieve your goals.

Contact Your Call to Action today to learn how to move yourself from awareness to action and accelerated results with one-to-one coaching that works.​

Put Your Sales Team on the Path to Break Sales Records

The results speak for themselves. If your company provides complex technical products, services, and solutions in a B2B environment and you’re ready to increase revenues by 10-25%, contact Your Call to Action today to bring Corporate Sales Team Coaching to your organization.

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Are You Looking to Consistently Increase Revenues  
10-25% Annually?

“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein

Monthly One-to-One Coaching Sessions and Coach-the-Coach Training for Your Sales Leadership Team

Every month, your sales leadership team will receive monthly coaching so they learn to speak the same language that your sales professionals are learning during their own coaching sessions. This strategic approach to delivering consistent messaging to your sales professionals improves your team’s success rates overall. 

Each member of your sales leadership team will also receive Coach-the-Coach training so they can reinforce what their sales people are learning on an ongoing basis. Leveraging a combination of monthly coaching and training, your sales leadership team’s support to your sales people becomes far more impactful and ensures improved results are sustainable.

Formal Coaching Drives Measurable Results

Research shows that sales training without follow-up doesn’t work. Research by the Corporate Executive Board found that sales representatives who take a course will lose 87% of what they learned within one month! However, the same study found that sales people who receive regular coaching achieve a productivity impact that is four times greater than those who received training with no follow up.

The key is taking each sales person where they are right now and—through effective coaching and active engagement in our proven program—elevating them to a higher level of productivity and success.