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“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves;

otherwise, we harden.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Why Choose Your Call To Action

Your Call to Action is unlike any other corporate and individual sales and career transition coaching provider.

When you work with Your Call to Action,
you’ll get:
• Instant access to a proven sales coaching methodology and curriculum.
• One-to-one weekly coaching sessions directly with 30-year complex technical sales expert and career transition coach, Audie Fridstein.
• Sales plans, organizational tools, training, mentoring, and coaching that guide sales leadership and their teams to achieve and exceed annual sales and income goals.
• A step-by-step job and career search campaign for highly experienced individuals looking for a new job, a different career, or a fulfilling retirement.
• An accountability partner to ensure you hit your targets and stay on track to achieve your goals.

Contact Your Call to Action today to learn how to move yourself from awareness to action and accelerated results with one-to-one coaching that works.​

Who We Work With

Corporate Sales Team Coaching
Companies providing complex technical solutions to other organizations with 5 to 100 full-time sales people that are ready to commit to a 3-12-month transformational coaching program for their sales and sales leadership teams will see immediate and sustainable improvements to their revenue and income. 

Individual Sales Coaching
Experienced B2B sales professionals selling complex technical solutions who are eager to take their sales and income to the next level or who are starting new sales positions and want to ramp up quickly as well as business owners who want to grow their business revenue and their personal incomes thrive in our one-to-one sales coaching experience.

Individualized Career Coaching
If you’re a mid- to late-career professional with 15 or more years of experience in your field and need to figure out what’s next in your career (even if the next step is retirement), then Your Call to Action can help you transition successfully.
Career Transition Coaching

Redefine Your Career with Weekly One-to-One Coaching

During your weekly coaching calls, you’ll discover what you need and want, uncover options, and create and implement a strategy to move forward. Your coach will guide you through the process and be your accountability partner so you never lose sight of your goals or lose your momentum.

When you work with Your Call to Action for Individualized Career Coaching, you’ll gain clarity into the right work environment for you, so your job search efforts are always laser focused. You’ll be armed with the right questions to ask during the interview process that will not only separate you from other candidates but also help you identify whether the position and company are the right fit for you.

Your Call to Action looks at your career transition from a holistic perspective. Not just any job or career will do. Our goal is to ensure you can find a job that will help you reach your career goals and keep you happy and satisfied for years to come.

You’ll learn how to identify your unique strengths and your ideal work environment, and you’ll implement an effective job/career search campaign that works. The Individualized Career Coaching program covers everything from planning and executing your job search campaign to updating your resume, creating effective cover letters, managing the interview process, conducting due diligence, landing a new position, and so much more!

Throughout the coaching program, you’ll work directly with Your Call to Action CEO Audie Fridstein to make sure you’re always moving toward your goal. As necessary, you’ll course correct and address any areas where you might get stuck, need encouragement, or have a situation to work through.

Coaching is a partnership, but the results are up to you. Audie will provide valuable guidance, knowledge, and support, and she’ll hold you accountable for your actions and success. It’s up to you to do the work and let yourself control what happens next in your career and life.

Smoothly Transition to Retirement

Transitioning to retirement can be a significant challenge if you’ve led a productive and fulfilling work life. If the next step in your career is retirement (or you’ve already retired and you’re looking for something more to feel satisfied), our individualized career transition coaching will address the non-financial aspects of retirement and help you identify your unique strengths, what you enjoyed most about your work life, and what you’ll miss most about it. You’ll learn how to come up with ways to incorporate those things you enjoy and know you’ll miss into your retirement years.

Together, you and your coach will develop a customized campaign, complete with strategies, tactics, and metrics. You’ll track your progress to ensure you’re always moving toward your desired goal. If changes are needed, you and your coach will make them so your retirement will happen the way you want it to.

At all times, your coach is a valued, unbiased resource who can help you build a retirement that will truly make you happy and keep you feeling fulfilled for years to come.

Ready to Take Control of Your Job Search, Career Transition, or Retirement?

Don’t take the steps into the next stage of your career and life without Individualized Career Coaching.

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Do you want more career satisfaction?

 Is the career you’ve had for years no longer serving you?

 Do you want to change your job or career but you’re not sure where to

start or what to do to get the results you want?​

Are you thinking about retiring within the next 3 years and feeling uncertain about what it will look like – especially after leading a fulfilling and productive career?

 Your Call to Action’s Individualized Career Coaching is nothing like what you’ll get when you work with a typical career counselor. Instead, in our minimum 3 month program, you’ll get the full breadth of services you’d receive from a full-service outplacement firm, proven methodologies, and guidance and support from a coach who has walked in your shoes to achieve career transition success.

 You’ll gain invaluable insights about yourself, a renewed confidence, and a sense of control throughout the process and with the next steps in your career. And, you’ll have fun along the way!

Get the Job You Want (or the Retirement You Imagine)​