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The Problem with Group Training and Coaching

The problem has to do with how coaching is delivered. Coaching results will be severely limited without a proven coaching process and structured program delivered by a highly experienced sales professional who knows what it’s like to walk in the shoes of a salesperson selling complex technical products, services, and solutions. 

In addition to finding the right coach, the investment in coaching can’t be fleeting. Researchers from University College London in 2009 found that it takes anywhere from 18 days to 21 months to learn something new and turn it into a solid habit. However, it only takes 90 days or less to forget everything you learned. 

A coaching program that lasts less than 3 months cannot deliver the same level of positive results as a program that lasts 3-12 months. That’s the simple reality of how humans’ minds function.

1-to-1 Coaching can Increase Sales by up to 25%
And That Growth is Sustainable!
Who We Work With

Corporate Sales Team Coaching
Companies providing complex technical solutions to other organizations with 5 to 100 full-time sales people that are ready to commit to a 3-12-month transformational coaching program for their sales and sales leadership teams will see immediate and sustainable improvements to their revenue and income. 

Individual Sales Coaching
Experienced B2B sales professionals selling complex technical solutions who are eager to take their sales and income to the next level or who are starting new sales positions and want to ramp up quickly as well as business owners who want to grow their business revenue and their personal incomes thrive in our one-to-one sales coaching experience.

Individualized Career Coaching
If you’re a mid- to late-career professional with 15 or more years of experience in your field and need to figure out what’s next in your career (even if the next step is retirement), then Your Call to Action can help you transition successfully.
Your Call to Action is a global sales coaching and career transition coaching company focused on empowering individuals and organizations to grow and achieve a higher level of success and satisfaction in their careers and lives. 

High quality one-to-one coaching works. But don’t just take our word for it. Research has shown again and again that personalized coaching boosts and sustains productivity and results for sales people.

So why aren’t more companies experiencing the same positive results from their sales training and coaching investments? 

Your Call to Action Delivers High-Impact, Sustainable Results

The coaching provided by Your Call to Action is different. We’re aware of your challenges at all times because we’ve been there just like you. We work directly with you to fine-tune what you’re already doing, train you on critical new skills, and mentor and coach you to reinforce those skills so they become habits. 

We help you dig deep and discover what’s getting in your way and what’s blocking you from doing what you should to reach your goals. We work closely and confidentially with you to identify how to get past your personal barriers. That’s why our sales coaching programs are a minimum of six months (career coaching programs are a minimum of three months since some professionals require an accelerated pace to secure smooth transitions to their next roles). You’ll learn new skills that will become a habit, and once you form a habit, those skills become a part of you. 

You’ll receive one-to-one coaching, not group coaching, which might appear to be easier on the budget but ends up costing a lot more when skills are forgotten in as few as three weeks. One-to-one coaching gives you more bang for your buck. 

When you invest in one-to-one coaching, you’ll get significantly better results. It’s a more personal experience tailored 100% to you. There is no group training or coaching program that can deliver the same kind of positive results.

Coaching Programs that Work

The sales coaching program at Your Call to Action is based on a proven methodology that's been used for decades. Our CEO, Audie Fridstein, incorporates her own sales expertise into this curriculum to make our program extremely comprehensive and effective. 

The individualized career coaching program at Your Call to Action was developed entirely by our CEO, Audie Fridstein based on proven methodologies and personal experience. The comprehensive three month program uniquely positions you for success in the next phase of your life–whatever that might be. 

Take Your First Step to Reaching Your Goals

Visit the Corporate Sales Team Coaching, Individual Sales Coaching, or Individualized Career Coaching pages to learn more about how Your Call to Action can help you turn your goals into achievable milestones.

The reality of group training and coaching based on budget and time constraints means sales people will walk away with ideas and action items that won’t stick. They might come back to the office ready to start using what they learned. Their results might increase over the short-term, but fast-forward a few weeks into the future and you’ll see those results drop again. They’ve fallen back to their old habits and forgotten the value of everything they learned in group training or coaching.

A 2006 study by ES Research Group found that 90% of all corporate sales training programs delivered just 90-120 days of increased sales productivity. Once that time was up, sales people reverted to pre-training levels. Similar studies have found that the productivity lift lasts for only six weeks! Those training and coaching dollars were wasted, and the sales person’s productivity and morale went right back to where they started.

This story is not unique. It describes what’s happening at most companies today. However, other companies are reaping the rewards when they use one-to-one sales coaching and put a comprehensive process in place to fully internalize what they’ve learned so they move from idea to habit. For example, a study by CSO Insights found that sales representatives from companies with a formal coaching process achieve 18% higher win rates. 

Why Choose Your Call To Action

Your Call to Action is unlike any other corporate and individual sales and career transition coaching provider.

When you work with Your Call to Action,
you’ll get:
• Instant access to a proven sales coaching methodology and curriculum.
• One-to-one weekly coaching sessions directly with 30-year complex technical sales expert and career transition coach, Audie Fridstein.
• Sales plans, organizational tools, training, mentoring, and coaching that guide sales leadership and their teams to achieve and exceed annual sales and income goals.
• A step-by-step job and career search campaign for highly experienced individuals looking for a new job, a different career, or a fulfilling retirement.
• An accountability partner to ensure you hit your targets and stay on track to achieve your goals.

Contact Your Call to Action today to learn how to move yourself from awareness to action and accelerated results with one-to-one coaching that works.​

A separate study by the Sales Executive Council (SEC) found that sales representatives who receive quality coaching demonstrate at least a 25% sustained improvement in their overall performance. In fact, SEC also found that sales representatives who received just three hours of coaching per month outperformed those who received fewer than two hours of coaching by 17%! 

Which would you rather have—one to three months of sales results improvement or sustained improvement that will add to your revenue and income for years to come? The benefits of formal,
high quality coaching combined with a structured curriculum cannot be ignored!

“Coaching is all about having someone believe in you and encourage you, about getting valuable feedback, about seeing things from new perspectives and setting your sights on new horizons.”​

Author Unknown

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